Embodying the changes

A lot is changing in the world right now. You can either fight it or accept it and embrace it. The fighting turns into fear and violence. The acceptance turns in to compassion and understanding.

But who says acceptance of change is easy. And who says that the change is something which you want to accept.

The world can be such a scary place when the change is of the kind that you do not understand. And the change happening now is not one of understanding. It’s one of new possibilities and needs. Of a new world, a new life for us all. Whether we’ll like it or not. And that is scary shit. Not knowing. Not seeing the path before you and not understanding where we are headed.

The future will not look like the past. It will have to be created all new at the same time as we have a very hard time imagining something that hasn’t already happened. And what we know is what we can relate to and trust.

I understand that it awaken fears. So it does in me, a whole bunch of them. And opens up old, unhealed wounds and show me where I have to keep looking in my self to heal those wounds so that I can find my way back to trust though acceptance.

For me a huge part of this journey comes through embodying. Embodying in different forms and colors.

For me the change that is happening is not just on an intellectual level, it goes so much deeper. Deeper then my intellect can reach and for me to embrace and allow that change to happen all the way through it then needs to land in my body so that my body can make the change it needs to make. My task here is to create the space that supports the process of my body, mind and soul when it lets go of the old and invites the new changes that is happening.

With out space there is no possibility of change. But with a supportive and guiding space the change can happen in a beautiful flow.

When creating this space, for me and others, I now have focus on allowance, not just acceptance, and loving understanding. Acceptance is important by allowance is not just accepting, its embracing what is happening and allowing it to flow through you and make the changes happen on the deepest of levels.

This is why space for embodying is extra important right now so make sure you give your body the possibility to speak freely and trust your self to know what it needs! All the information that you need is already there, just let it out! ❤️🙏

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